Refund Policy

Changed Your Mind?

100% Money-Back Guarantee put us to the test! Use our service, risk-free. If you are unsuccessful in your application for Global Entry using our service and the CBP deny your application, we will give you a full refund including all your Government Fees! Simply provide us with a copy of your denial notification and we will give you all your fees back. That is how confident we are of our service!

If you have changed your mind about using our services (and your application has not been submitted), the quickest way to get a refund is to email us or via our Contact Us page. We will process your refund within 24 business hours. (provided we have not submitted your application).

Please note the guarantee only applies to unsuccessful applications, we CANNOT offer a refund for applications once they have  been processed and submitted. If you omit any criminal convictions or provide wrong information that would adversely affect your application this voids our guarantee.