We are a US based company and our Company name is Global Entry Program. We are specialists in supporting Trusted Traveler Program applications. We specialize in passport control fast track programs. We ensure that your application  is complete, accurate and mistake-free and has the greatest chance of success.


Why choose us?

We free you up from the bureaucracy of the Global Entry membership process such as certifying your information ahead of submission and navigating the Department of Homeland Security computer system.

As specialists in fast track passport programs, we can help you make sure your application has the best chance of succeeding in the shortest possible time. Unsure of the process? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you every step of the way. Additional steps required? No problem, we’ll help you understand what the process is. Additional documentation required? Easy, we’ll let you know straight away. And we’ll begin the process straight away and usually where possible answer all queries within 24 hours.


Are we affiliated with US Customs and Border Protection?

Our website name www.globalentryprogram.com is not affiliated with the United States Customs and Border Protection team and their Trusted Traveler Programs.


What are the associated fees, if I apply through your company?

We will charge you fees below when you apply for your Global Entry membership application with www.globalentryprogram.com:

Our fee of $169.99 USD (this is for our assistance with application processing, accuracy checking, communication between us and a customer via email to assist with any queries), this is paid via our payment processor.

In addition to our fee, you are required to pay certain government fees once we have provided our service to you and assisted with the review and completion of your application. United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) government certification fee of $100 USD. (This is paid directly to CBP using your card provided on the form; please bear in mind that this fee is non-refundable)

Payment transaction for $100 USD will usually appear with the description “PAYMENT” and text indicating `USCUSTOMS TRUSTEDTRAVELER`.


How does your Refund Policy work?

If your application has not yet been submitted and you have changed your mind about using our service, we will refund the fee for our services immediately.